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This manual is the property of
Beaumont Community Church
7870 Highway 105
Beaumont, TX  77713
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Revised May 1, 2012
Beaumont Community Church  (BBC)
Of  Beaumont, Texas




General Guidelines for Use of Facilities:

Statement of Policy............................................................................ 03

Building Eligibility Guidelines      .......................................................... 03

Reservations       ............................................................................... 04

Building Use Procedures    ................................................................... 05

Publicity and Promotion   .................................................................... 05

Facility Use Guidelines.   ..................................................................... 05 -07
Special Rules for Use .  ....................................................................... 07








Church Vision That Guides Our Building Use:

We will welcome everyone as we would welcome Christ

1) Goals
To use this space in a God honoring way
To treat visitors as honored guests

2) Criteria To Determine Building Use:
Activity fits with who we are and what we believe
Space availability
How use impacts other programs
Evaluation of safety/legal issues
Group understands respect for the property

Statement of Policy:

Our church has been blessed with a wonderful facility to carry out the mission of the church. Therefore, proper oversight must be given to these facilities to ensure that:
Adequate facilities exist to effectively carry out the ministry objectives and goals.
Users exercise proper care and safety.
Such facilities are properly protected against loss or misuse.
Wise stewardship is being expressed through energy conservation, cost reductions and safety measures.
The life of the facilities is extended through a proper maintenance program.

Building Eligibility Guidelines
The facilities and equipment of Beaumont Community Church exist for the primary purpose of being used by its members through its organizations and ministries.

1. A Space Use Request Form should be completed for all groups requesting facility use. A Use of Building Agreement will be required for outside groups.

2. Facilities are not available to outside groups for fund raising or for profit making

3. Organizations engaged in partisan political campaigns are not eligible to use church facilities for their programs. The facility may be used as a polling place for elections.
4. Certificate of Liability and Property Damage insurance coverage naming Beaumont Community Church of Beaumont, TX as an additional insured MUST be on file prior to the date of the event by all outside groups to Beaumont Community Church for the purpose of covering liability and property damage or accidents that might occur on church property.

5. All outside groups or persons requesting use of church facilities must also have and
adhere to Protection Guidelines (see attached) regarding minors. A minimum of 2 adults
must be present at all times.

The Priority of Use Shall Be As Follows:

1. Recognized Groups Within the Church: Church Services- (i.e. worship services, Sunday school, adult Ed) Regularly scheduled church activities- (i.e. committee meetings, and small group meetings)

Church related activities- (i.e. Vacation Bible School, business meeting, teacher training, evangelism, youth activities such as lock-ins, and church fellowship)

2. Church Members
Individual Parties and Special Events (Anniversary parties) Weddings, Funerals and Receptions

Music Recitals (Not including private recitals for students)

Other informal Church Member requests (basketball, volleyball, etc.)

3. Outside Groups Church recognized yet non-sponsored events that are in keeping with the
building use philosophy embraced by Beaumont Bible Church.


A Space Use Request Form must be completed by all groups and submitted to the Church Even Coordinator least 2 weeks in advance of the activity. The Space Use Request Form provides for every area of the church. All facilities, set-ups and other service needs (i.e. food, sound, etc.) must be included on the form.

The Church Event Coordinator will meet with the user, or a representative, when the reservation is made to review conditions of the church for usage, the expectations and needs for the event, and to set a schedule for room set-up and clean-up as needed. A schedule of fees for building usage, custodial and/or technical service, and other financial commitments necessary for the event, will be given to the user at the time of reservation. All church activities are scheduled on the master church calendar.

Approval Guidelines for the space request use shall be as follows:

1. All activities shall be approved pending availability of space and the priority
schedule, and must be consistent with BBC’s mission statement
and the building use philosophy.
2. No date is placed on the calendar until the form has been submitted and approved by
the appropriate person(s).
The pastors/worship leaders approve of all worship related activities.
The Music Director must approve all music recitals.
The pastoral staff or Church Event Coordinator must approve all weddings prior to them being entered on the church calendar.
The Church Administrator approves all other usage.
3. Requests from outside groups longer than three months ahead of the use date (with the exception of weddings) must have Session approval.

4. Long-term impact on the facility and equipment will be taken into consideration as part of the approval process.


Outside group representative is responsible for the following:

1. Submit the Room Set-up on the Space Use Request Form diagramming set-up to
the Church Event Coordinator. Separate forms for requests for any special equipment needs and sound equipment must also be completed.

2. After building use, clean up all the areas used. The area should be returned to the same condition as before use.

3. Turn out lights & close windows.

4. Report any maintenance problems and damages to the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds.


1. Any outside group using publicity material and/or making public service
announcements in which the Beaumont Bible Church or Beaumont Community Church name is used must have prior approval by the Church Pastor.
2. The sale of admission tickets to the event must be handled by the user with the
approval of the Pastor.
3. There will be no postings of any kind adhered to the walls of any of the facilities.
Postings that appear on the outside of the church or any other posting device must have prior approval of the Pastor.
BBC has a wide range of ministries utilizing the facility. Our desire is for everyone to realize and respect that many individuals/groups use the facilities before and after your specific event.
If building usage is requested for after regular business hours, and custodial services are required, the user will be charged a fee for the custodian’s services. If no individual is available to staff the building during these off-hours, usage may be denied. The assigned custodian or staff person will serve as the church's
representative should questions or needs arise during the event.  To make your event and others enjoyable and non-chaotic, please adhere to the following

1. The conduct of all persons attending programs is expected to be respectful of the
Property, maintaining noise levels that respect others in adjoining spaces.
2. Activities and programs are limited to the space that is assigned.

3. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds of the church.

4. Dining or the serving of food is limited to pre-approved designated areas – check
with the facilities coordinator.

5. Use of candles is allowed only in designated areas and must be approved by the
Church Event Coordinator.

6. The user is expected to leave the building reasonably clean and in the same condition it was in prior to the event and must remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event.

7. If furniture or equipment is to be moved, it must be done with the permission of the Church Event Coordinator to maintain the quality of the building’s furniture and equipment, and prevent damage.
8. All decorations in the facility and on the grounds of BBC must be approved by the Church Event Coordinator. No items may be affixed to any surfaces , no tape, nails or any other means shall be used on any walls.

9. The user will be held responsible for any damage done to church property associated.

10. The user assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event and for
damages or loss of user's property.

11. Programs in the sanctuary that require the use of the sound system must have one of the church's Sound Technicians on duty. This service will be included in the usage fee.

12. When children are in attendance they must be under the control of their parents or adults at all times and are not permitted to roam freely on church property All children’s or youth activities shall be supervised by a minimum of two (2) adults over the age of 21, at all times.
13. The following items are not allowed in or on church property:
Alcoholic beverages
Tobacco products
Controlled substances/drugs
Anything that would distract from a Christian atmosphere.

14. Ministry furniture and equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, overhead and LCD projectors, microphones, etc.) purchased and owned by the church will be used exclusively for ministry functions of BBC, and may not be removed from the premises. The requesting individual/group assumes full responsibility for the costs of damage repair or replacement.
15. Willful violation of any guidelines or regulations could lead to the loss of eligibility to use the facility.



1. The capacity of the Auditorium/Sanctuary should not exceed fire code capacity at any one time, currently 175 with chairs, and 100 with tables and chairs.

2. The recreation area will be open only under the supervision of 2 adults (over 18),
unless the Church Events Coordinator approves arrangements prior to the event. If anyone is found in the recreation area during non-operating hours, of any age,
without permission, they will be asked to leave.

3. During play or sports activities, the church requires participants to wear shoes
without black soles. Shirts or tank tops, along with suitable attire, are required at all times.

4. Individuals or groups must request use of equipment in advance and will be
responsible for its care. Aside from normal wear and tear, equipment that is damaged, lost or destroyed will be paid for by the participant(s). Equipment must be returned to the same place from which it was checked-out.

5. BBC does not assume liability or responsibility for any participant.

Class Rooms
Suggested Functions
Small groups
Bible Study
The capacity of the Class Rooms should not exceed 15 people at any one time.


The primary use of the kitchen facility will be for church wide functions such as banquets, meals,
and other pre-arranged meal functions.

1. Organizations using the kitchen will be required to comply with the following
• Read posted instructions carefully before using coffee makers, or request
training prior to event.
• Clean, dry, and put away all dishes and utensils according to approved methods.
• Wash all counter tops and work areas with cleaner.
• Do not leave leftovers in the refrigerator.
• Remove overflow garbage to garbage containers outside of the building.
• Launder dish towels, tablecloths, etc. and return within 48 hours.