We will welcome everyone as we would Christ Himself.

Beaumont Bible Church has enhanced its commitment to hospitality by adopting a new "Building Use Policy" that encourages utilizing and sharing our facilities while maintaining responsible stewardship of our valuable assets. The full Building Use Policy is available with policies, priorities, and procedures needed to accomplish our goals. It is part of the church Policy and Procedure Manual.  A copy is also available in the office to guide groups wishing to reserve and use the building. The following is a summary.

Beaumont Bible Church Building Usage Policy – Summary

The facilities and equipment of Beaumont Bible Church exist for the primary purpose of being used by its members through its organizations and ministries.
The Priority of Use Shall Be As Follows:

1. Recognized Groups Within the Church:
Church Services- (i.e. worship services, Sunday school, adult education)
Regularly scheduled church activities- (i.e. committee meetings, and small group meetings)
Church related activities- (Vacation Bible School, business meetings, teacher training, evangelism, youth activities such as lock-ins, and church fellowship)
2. Church Members
Individual Parties and Special Events (Anniversary parties)
Weddings, Funerals, and Receptions
Music Recitals (Not including private recitals for students)
Other informal Church Member requests (basketball, volleyball, etc.)
3. Outside Groups
Church recognized yet non-sponsored events that are in keeping with the building use philosophy embraced by Beaumont Bible Church..

Although church and church-related meetings, functions, and activities obviously have higher priority in requests for space, outside groups can request space up to three months prior to the date of the event.  Our Building use fees are available. It is therefore to the advantage of everyone to request space as early as possible.
Additional detailed information is available online about planning a Christian wedding at Beaumont Bible Church.
A Space Use Form must be completed by all groups and submitted to the Administrative Assistant at least two weeks in advance of the activity, but requesting space earlier increases the likelihood that it will be available. The Space Use Request Form provides for every area of the church. All facilities, set-ups, and other service needs (i.e. food, sound, etc.) must be included on the form.  In addition, an audio visual request form must be provided to the church office at least two weeks in advance of the date of any event or activity in which any sound support setup (even one microphone) or video support setup is being requested.  If assistance from members of our Audio/Visual Ministry Committee volunteers is being requested during the event, the request should be made at least four weeks in advance to increase the likelihood that one or more of them can be available at a specific time.
The Church Event Coordinator will meet with the user, or a representative, when the reservation is made to review conditions of the church for usage, the expectations and needs for the event, and to set a schedule for room set-up and clean-up as needed. A schedule of fees for building usage, custodial and/or technical service, and other financial commitments necessary for the event, will be given to the user at the time of reservation. All church activities are scheduled on the master church calendar once the request has been approved.
A Certificate of Liability and Property Damage insurance coverage naming Beaumont Bible Church of Beaumont, Texas as an additional insured MUST be on file prior to the date of the event by all outside groups to Beaumont Bible Church for the purpose of covering liability and property damage or accidents that might occur on church property.
Our Facility Use Guidelines are explained in detail in the full Building Use Policy. The conduct of all persons attending programs is expected to be respectful of the property, maintaining noise levels that respect others in adjoining spaces.  Our guidelines include:
Smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, and weapons are not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds of the church.
When children are in attendance they must be under the control of their parents or adults at all times and are not permitted to roam freely on church property. All children’s or youth activities shall be supervised by a minimum of two (2) adults over the age of 21 at all times.
Users are expected to leave the building reasonably clean and in the same condition it was in prior to the event and must remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event. Furniture or equipment cannot be moved without the permission of the Church Administrator to maintain the quality of the building’s furniture and equipment and to prevent damage.  The user will be held responsible for any damage done to church property, and the user assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event and for damages or loss of user's property.
Dining or the serving of food is limited to pre-approved designated areas, and activities and programs are limited to the space that is assigned.
Programs in the sanctuary that require the use of the sound system must have one of the church's Sound Technicians on duty. This service will be included in the usage fee.
The areas available for use are:
— Sanctuary
__Class Rooms


Specific rules for each area are available in the full Building Use Policy.