Dr. Iumy Torres-Barja

Dr. Torres


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Ever since my childhood I identified myself with everything that meant pursuing a great challenge, and always strived towards achieving my goals. Growing up I began to develop a desire to serve others in the best way possible. Furthermore, as I continued my studies there was always a preference for learning about the medical sciences. For these reasons I knew that only as a doctor I would accomplish professional a personal fulfillment.
As an undergraduate of Florida International University I successfully completed the premedical program obtaining a Bachelor in Biological Science degree with honors.   During my years as a medical student I was able to expand and integrate qualities such as creativity, compassion, respect, courage, perseverance and responsibility by encountering many challenging aspects of this rewarding carrier.  I learned that the essence of being a doctor is to establish strong patient doctor relationships, primarily based on communication, honesty and sympathy. The broad clinical exposure to the different medical disciplines helped me discover that surgery was my passion. Now as a General Surgeon I am honored and privileged to be able to diagnose, manage and cure complex general surgery cases, but most of all following the patient's improvement is my gratification. Through my medical and surgical training I have acquired knowledge, skills and strength of character shaping me into the individual that I am today. I am honored to be a part of Southeast Texas Surgical Associates for they have dedicated many years of experience and commitment to serving this community.