Dr. Charles Black prayed for restoration of his health when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at an early age.  When his prayers were answered, he devoted much of his time to foreign medical mission work. . ssk.JPG During his career he has influenced many people, including Dr. David Powell. When I moved to Beaumont in 1983 David and I became close friends, and as we shared a love of flying, ssk.JPG  partnered in an airplane.  David invited me to accompany him on a mission trip, and I loved it.  We have been on many trips to Central America since, and we make a good team.  He is an anesthesiologist, and we both have a heart for missions.  Our purpose for medical missions is primarily to demonstrate Christ's love for Man.  In the process of doing so, we hope to expose people to the Word, so that they can have an opportunity to accept or reject the gift that Jesus brings us.  ssk.JPGAny healing that occurs is a byproduct of this love. People with physical needs, and their families, are attracted campaigns, during which we and the missionaries have the opportunity to share the Word with these isolated people.  Most of the people that we operate on come from remote villages, and many do not even speak Spanish.

My first trip was to a remote village in southern Mexico, on the Pacific coast, located on the narrowest part of the Isthmus.  Niltepec is a dirt road hamlet surrounded by verdant mountains and forests, far from what we would consider civilization. The closest airport is 40 miles away, and commercial service is politely listed as intermittent.  Civil war precluded our return the following year, so we went to Cordoba , where the main Mexican Indian Training Center is located.  This town of 300,000 has hospitals which we use for our campaigns.

ssk.JPGFor the past 10 years we have accompanied a group originally formed by the First Baptist Church, Smackover.  We travel to a village in the remote mountains of Honduras, Gualcince. The missionary there has built a real hospital perched on the side of a mountain.The work we do is supported by workers from many Christian denominations.